Sita Mani Temple

Sita Mata with Luv and Kush (twins)
Sita Mani is 80 km from the north of Varanasi. It is has a great significance. It is a great religious place. In Sita Mani, there is temple of Lord Sita . It has a historic myth from Ramayana that this is the place from where Lord Sita was gone back to earth. Besides being famous for Lord Sita, it is also a picnic place where you can

The Powers of Hanuman

The powers that Hanuman acquired through this process of his development gave him supernatural god-like powers. There are eight primary powers that are mentioned in the scriptures in relation to Hanuman. Those who have studied Kundalini Yoga, Gnosis, or Tantra will recognize these powers because these are the same powers that

Sita Navami or Janaki Navami 2014

Sita Navami or Janaki Navami on 8th May 2014 (Thursday)
Sita Navami is celebrated as birth anniversary of Goddess Sita. This day is also known as Sita Jayanti. Married women keep fast on Sita Navami day and pray to seek long lives of their husbands. 

Sita Jayanti is celebrated on Navami Tithi during Shukla Paksha of Vaishakha month. It is believed that Goddess Sita was born on Tuesday in Pushya Nakshatra. Goddess Sita was

Shri Vardani Hanuman Mandir - Lucknow

Vardani Hanuman Ji

It is beieved that whatever you ask from this idol of Lord Hanuman, it is accepted by God...

This temple is

The Story of How Lord Hanuman was born..?

This is the story of Pawanputra Hanuman, the mighty monkey-god. Do you know how he was born? The story of his birth is as fascinating as his mighty deeds. 

But to know about Hanuman, we have to go back sometime before his birth. Let us go to the palace of Lord Brahma where it all started.

Do you know who Lord Brahma is? He is the Hindu god of creation. He is believed to live in a beautiful divine palace in his heavenly abode. Such was

Names of Hanuman

What is hanuman's original name? 

Scholars argue that immediately after the birth of Hanuman his mother Anjana named him Sunder (handsome boy) as he was extremely charming owing to the Divine Power imbibed in him. In support of this supposition a number or scholars say that the fifth chapter of the Ramcharitmanas which abounds in great and glorious deeds of Hanuman has been entitled as Sunder Kand (so also in Valmiki Ramayana). 

Anjaneya : Son of Anjana 

Anjanagarbhasambhoota : Born of Anjani 

Ashokavanikachhetre : Destroyer of

Hanuman Jayanti – Auspicious day to worship the great devotee of Lord Ram

A week after Ram Navami festival, Hanuman Jayanti is observed in the Chaitra lunar month where a number of spiritual discourses are held in a majority of Hindu temples. On Hanuman Jayanti, people remember him as a mischievous character in his childhood days. In one legend, he crossed mountains, scaled higher towards the skies to eat the sun, thinking it to be a mango. A malefic planet, Rahu which was on its way to form an eclipse with the sun, came in his way and stopped him midway. Hanuman defeated Rahu who later approached Indra, the king of devas, for assistance. To this, Indra responded and threw Vajra (thunderbolt) that hit the young child and made him unconscious.

After finding his son lying in an

Items to offer to Shri Hanuman ji

Items to offer to Shri Hanuman ji:

1. one chola
2. two cloths (red or yellow, unstitched)
3. one and qurter hand langot
4. one ball of soot dhaga (for janeu)
5. Supaari or kachcha nariyal
6. Paan, laung, ilaaychi
7. Panchmeva, Panchfal
8. 125 gms. desi ghee
9. 125 gms. hanumaani sindur
10. Keshar, dhoop, agarbatti, kapoor etc.

Chola to Hanuman ji is

Real and Original Hanuman photo from Hiamalaya reading Ramayana

This is a real and original Lord Hanumana Picture taken by a traveler inside a cave from the mountains of Himalayas. Lord Hanuman ji can be seen reading the epic book of Ramayana.

According to the sources, a group of people went to the holy Lake of Manasarovar on a Hindu pilgrimage trip. One of the person there was a

Hanumangarhi Temple Ayodhya

Hanumangarhi is a Hindu temple of Lord Hanuman in Ayodhya, Faizabad (UP) India. This temple was constructed by the Nawab of Awadh. This is one of the most famous temples of Lord Hanuman in North India. The main temple is

Pandupole Hanuman Temple

Pandupole Hanuman Temple is located in Alwar district of Rajasthan in India. This temple is famous for its reclining postured deity of Lord Hanuman. The deity also got a very long tail. All main festival related to Hinduism are celebrated here where as Hanuman Jayanti, Ramnavami and Navratri are celebrated with grand function.

Devotees from very far places come and offer their prayers as it believe that Hanuman dispels all fears and all bad spirits. Dal, Bati and

Bade Hanuman Temple Ayodhya

Bade Hanuman Temple is Hindu temple dedicated to Lord Hanuman. This Temple is situated at Janaki Ghat, Ayodhya, UP. This temple is famous for its huge deity of Lord Hanuman. This huge idol 

Lord Hanuman killing Mahiravana

This image depicts the story of Lord Hanuman carrying Lord Ram and Lakshman while rescuing them from the demon Mahiravana.During Ramayana war Mahiravan brother of Ravana and the magician demon kidnapped Lord Ram and Lakshmana. Mahiravana imprisoned Ram and Lakshman in his palace in Patala--the netherworld with intention to them as human sacrifice offer to his deity.

Lord Hanuman reaches Patala in search of the divine brothers where the gates were guarded by a creature known as Makardhwaja who was part reptile and part monkey. Makardhwaja is said to be son of Lord Hanuman born out of drop of sweat of Hanuman fell into the water while extinguishing his burning tail in the ocean. After knowing Lord Hanuman to be his father he first fought with Lord Hanuman as to fulfill his duty as guardian of the gate but latter asks his blessings

After defeating Makardhwaja Hanuman entered patal where he realizes that to kill Mahiravana, he has to extinguish five lamps burning in different directions simultaneously. Hanuman assumes the Panchamukha or five-faced form of Sri Varaha facing north, Sri Narasimha facing

Chtrakoot Dham and Hanuman:

Chitrakoot in Central India is claimed to be the resting place of Hanuman. The Hanuman Dhara Temple is situated on the peak of mountain where there is natural rock formation image of Shri Hanuman inside the cave and a natural stream of water falling on the tail. It is believed that after the coronation of Lord Ram, Hanuman requested for a permanent place to settle in the Kingdom of Lord Ram, where his Injury of burns on his tails will be cured. Lord Ram, then with his arrow, spurred a stream of water on the tip of mountain and asked Hanuman to rest there with water of the stream falling on his tail to cool down burning sensation in