Hanuman Worship

In North India - Tuesdays are dedicated to him because Hanuman is believed to bring Mars (Mangal) under control. Mars being an aggressive planet it is necessary for a "stronger" god to keep him in check.

Down south, Hanuman worship is more on Saturdays - as it is the day dedicated for Vishnu and his incarnates - hence Rama Doot also gets his share of attention. Also he is known as the "Siriya thiruvadi" - meaning the "Smaller Feet/Vahana" and during weeklong festivities the lord is taken out on Hanuman. (Also known as Hanumantha Seva - popular in Tirupathi) (Garuda is known as the Periya Thiruvadi - or the Primary Vahana of the Lord.)

Chiranjeevi Hanuman

He is a Chiranjeevi (Chir= infinite jeevan= life. So Chiranjivi= Immortal) . This boon given to him by Yama (God of Death) - during the Indra's(God of Rain) Vajra hitting him on his chin and Vayu(God of Wind) depriving the world of air.)